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Important changes when contacting us

July 27, 2020
RE:     Raeburn – HOA Contact
Dear Residents,
There’s been some confusion in the recent past about contacting Board members and management for various concerns that arise.  Effective immediately please contact Cusick Management for any and ALL Association matters at or by calling 704-544-7779 and asking for customer support during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30 and Friday 8:30-2). 

In addition, all Raeburn board contact information (email’s and phone number) have been removed from the Raeburn HOA website and replaced with Cusick’s contact info.  The messages and emails that were going to these Raeburn board email addresses/phone numbers are not monitored daily and have been delaying responses to questions/concerns from Raeburn residents.  Thus, the need for clarification on the primary point of contact which is Cusick Management Company. 

Should your message require the Board of Directors attention, feel free to indicate so and it will be forwarded as appropriate.

Most importantly, if the request is about an emergency or non-emergency public safety, fire, or DOT issue, please call 911 or 311 as necessary.  The Association is not a Raeburn police department and sending inquiries to management or the Board only delays prompt attention to such matters.

Thank you,
Cusick Community Management
On Behalf of the Raeburn Homeowners Association Board of Director

A Reminder…….

In accordance with the Raeburn Covenants, dues must be current to use the amenities.

Attention All Residents
Attention all Residents who live near or behind the ball field, tennis courts, playground, pool and other common areas.  We are asking for your assistance in this matter.  It has been brought to our attention that activity after hours has been taking place in these areas.  This has caused property damage to many of your neighbors and to those common areas.  Please report suspicious activity if you see it or hear it.  Call 911 and report what you find.  After you report it, contact Cusick Management.  We appreciate you wanting to tell board members what you see, but remember we are not the authorities.  You must notify the police in order for this to be documented.  Even if you think it is nothing, report it.  Any information can prevent the next occurence.

In order to activate your Pool FOB, all home owner Dues, Fees and Fines must be paid.