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Residents “Heads Up”


It is summer time again and one of the things Raeburn deals with during this time is the challenge of keeping the pool from trespassers. This past week we have had two incidents where there has been activity within the pool area after hours. While I think they are youth, the Board will prosecute any trespassers formally. While I hope it is not any of our Raeburn youth involved, they will not be exempt.

From past experience I can tell you that any trespasser will be charged and will have a permanent police involvement record for trespassing. This will follow the offender thru their life.  Not to mention the expense of legal representation for the youth incurred by parents. With a conviction of a Raeburn resident the Board will vote and approve to remove homeowner privileges for pool access.

Please talk with your family and ensure that your house will not be affected by this subject
On another pool related subject, I need to re-emphasize that we as a neighborhood have a responsibility to keep a running record of who is utilizing the pool, both homeowners and guests. As such, there is a sign in book at the desk at the pool. I ask PLEASE sign in as appropriate. This is to insure our insurance liability is in effect as well as adding a measure of security for our residents. It is NOT the responsibility of the lifeguards to get you to sign in, it is YOUR responsibility to adhere to the rules and policies of the neighborhood.
Greg Field
Raeburn HOA President

Spring is beautiful in Raeburn!

    Congratulations to all homeowners with a beautiful yard. It is very obvious those homeowners that take pride in their property and neighborhood. Your hard work and expense has certainly paid off, our neighborhood sure does look good in Spring!
    I would be remiss if I did not point out that there are a few yards that fall (some WAY) below average or acceptable standards. It is very easy this time of year to see if your yard is lacking, compare your yard with your neighbors. Your yard will never look better than this time of year. The Board and the Cussick Property Management has heard from a lot of owners that maintain their properties, asking what is being done to those that show no pride or responsibility.
    Here is the answer, Cussick sent out a nice reminder in March for seeding, fertilizer, weed control, and trimming. The Raeburn website has had numerous articles and reminders in the past on your responsibilities for yard maintenance.  Last inspection cycle resulted in over 50 violations. Those properties that are below acceptable standards will receive violations. It is asked if you receive a violation, correct it. If an owner does not address the violation with correction, there will be a hearing before the Board and fines can start from that point. An excuse from an owner that they will start in the Fall as it is too hot to grow, will NOT be accepted this year. With proper watering grass grows in the desert!
   Again, Let me congratulate those that have shown pride in their properties as it drives property values as well as showing what a great neighborhood we do have. For those that need to get out there and get it done, you have had fair warning. Please at least bring your property to average.

Greg Field, Pres. Raeburn HOA

Annual Meeting Letter to Homeowners

From:    Greg Field , Chairman Raeburn HOA

To:          Raeburn Homeowners

Subject: Annual Meeting


WOW, what a great turn out for the annual meeting held January 16th!  NEVER before have over 100 residents and another 57 by proxy attended. That was 46% of the ownership.  That was truly exciting, and I want to express to each of you a very heartfelt THANK YOU for your interest and time spent.

I want to welcome the new board members to the board and look forward to working with each one of you.  Congrats to Mariam Cattabriga, Steve Stevenson, and returning board member Jim Trout. Your fresh ideas and insight will only be a positive for the neighborhood going forward.

ANOTHER FIRST! For the first time in Raeburn ALL committee positions are filled. I cannot say enough about how encouraged I am with your volunteer spirit and willingness to sacrifice your time for the good of your neighbors. For those who were on the fence and did not raise your hand to volunteer, fear not, see you the first Wednesday of every month, get involved. There is much work to do, the more involved the better the neighborhood!

I also want to thank the following people who volunteered to run for the board: Yomaira Miranda, Chris Bremmer, Spenser Mason, and Elizabeth Anest. Please stay involved! There will be two openings next year and each of you bring much talent to the neighborhood.

I would be remiss in not thanking Rob Kierce who served as Vice President and with the help of his wife June, spent many hours updating our neighborhood web site.  Rob also was very instrumental in keeping tabs on the security of the neighborhood and was a great liaison with CMPD.  Thank you Rob for all you have done!

Folks, there is a lot to be done to keep this great Raeburn neighborhood strong! The board members are homeowners like yourselves and work tirelessly for the betterment of all. We hold monthly meetings, the first Wednesday of every month at the Presbyterian Church. Meeting time is a 6:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

On behalf of the Board!

Greg Field, Chairman

A Reminder…….
In accordance with the Raeburn Covenants, dues must be current to use the amenities.

Attention All Residents
Attention all Residents who live near or behind the ball field, tennis courts, playground, pool and other common areas.  We are asking for your assistance in this matter.  It has been brought to our attention that activity after hours has been taking place in these areas.  This has caused property damage to many of your neighbors and to those common areas.  Please report suspicious activity if you see it or hear it.  Call 911 and report what you find.  After you report it, contact Cusick Management.  We appreciate you wanting to tell board members what you see, but remember we are not the authorities.  You must notify the police in order for this to be documented.  Even if you think it is nothing, report it.  Any information can prevent the next occurence.

In order to activate your Pool FOB, all home owner Dues, Fees and Fines must be paid.