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The Raeburn Homeowners Association
Helpful Info & Contacts


Contact Cusick Management via email at service@cusickcompany.com
or call 704-544-7779 and ask for customer support during normal business hours
(Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30 and Friday 8:30-2).

Should your message require the Board of Directors attention, feel free to
indicate so and it will be forwarded as appropriate.

Most importantly, if the request is about an emergency or non-emergency
public safety, fire, or DOT issue, please call 911 or 311 as necessary.

if you wish to review your account, make a payment, or need a login
to do so, Click HERE for the Online Cusick Portal

Pool Phone Number

Gate Code & Pool Fobs
- If you need a Pool Fob or access to our facilities and are a Raeburn HOA member in good standing,
  please contact Cusick Mgmt. above.

Area Schools
Hawk Ridge Elementary School ........980-343-5927 
Community House Middle School .....980-343-0689
Ardrey Kell High School ....................980-343-0864
CMS School System .........................980-343-3000 

Garbage Pickup
- Click HERE for the Charmeck solid waste website

- The West side of Rea Road has trash pick up on Mondays.
The East side of Rea Road has trash pick up on Tuesdays.

- Recycle Bin pickup is every other week. Click HERE for the Recycle Schedule.
Put out the Recycle Bin alongside your normal trash bin on the ORANGE
day of your normal pickup.

- City of Charlotte regulations require that trash containers be put out no
earlier than 6 PM the day before pick up day and must be removed no later
than 6 PM the day after pick up day.

- Also remember that trash outside of the container will not be picked
up without an appointment from the Bulky Item Pick Up department.
Dial 311 for a FREE appointment.

- Plastic tops (coke bottle tops, milk jug tops, etc) do not go in the recycling bin,
but rather in the trash.

- To avoid loose trash thrown over the street in front of your house,
put all trash in sealed trash bags before going into the main.

Vehicle Safety
- The speed limit in Raeburn is 25 MPH.
- When parking on the street, always park facing same direction as on coming traffic.

- Please watch for kids walking to and from bus stops.
- When hosting a party, please ask your guests to park on the same
side of the street to minimize congestion.

Community Watch
- If you are new to the Raeburn Community and haven’t been contacted
by a Community Watch Block Captain, please contact Cusick Mgmt. above.

- For those of you who are not familiar with Community Watch, it is an internal
neighborhood contact system where neighbors work with neighbors and police
to help prevent crime and to alert one and other of any potential problems or dangers. 
It is a fast and effective way of dispensing information to our Raeburn neighbors.

- In an effort to keep our contact lists current, we ask that all neighbors keep
their block Captains updated with any changes in their contact information,
most importantly, any changes in your e-mail address.